Actually Keep Your New Years Resolutions

As the year draws to a close and the new year rolls in, it’s easy to feel motivated to kick 2017’s butt. Everyone everywhere is talking about how they’re going to improve their lives next year and is bidding adieu to whatever misfortune befell them the year previous. But a few days in, how does one keep that energy going in order to actually accomplish what you said you would?

Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind in 2017.

  • Write your resolutions down, and say them out loud often.  It may seem silly, but the more you experience your resolutions as INPUT (reading, hearing) rather than just a vague thought bouncing around inside your mind, the more it will reinforce your goal to both sides of your brain. Write it! Say it!
  • Baby steps.  It’s tempting to go all in when you’re in the heat of the moment (or four glasses of champagne down at the party), but if your goals aren’t actually manageable within a one-year span, you’re just setting yourself up for failure. Accomplish small goals first and take one step at a time! Big goals are often just a collection of smaller ones.
  • Be specific.  Instead of making your resolution “work out more” or “eat better”, instead try something like “I’m going to run twice a week” or “I’m going to eat veggies every day.” Vague goals will give you no imagery to hone in on, and you won’t be able to realistically reinforce new habits day to day. Define tangible guidelines.

Keep these things in mind and remain honest with yourself. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish with a little more specificity and a little less grandstanding. You really, truly, actually CAN do it!

Happy 2017, everyone!

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